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The fire protection and rescue services raised in this society is organized in accordance with the requirements of the law No. 8756 date 26.03.2001 "Civil Emergency" Article 29  Individual and Legal Persons which in their activity produce, transport or deposit dangerous substances.

Readiness is permanent operational part and aims the protection of human life, company property and environment from fire, which can be caused by negligence during work or as a result of terrorist activities 
This service is organized based on 

  • Voluntary group of MNZSH
  • The volunteer team commander 
  • Environment 


Environment protection service is a structure estabilished in this society in accordance with the requirements of law No. 9130 date 08.09.2003 "For the Port Authority" Article 40 "For the service and protection of marine environment from pollution and damage".
In the application of International Convention for the prevention of sea pollution from ships, MARPOL 73/78 and fulfilling the directives of European Commitee, the Council for management of hazardous waste.
This service is managed by specialists of marine emergencies and environmental pollution.