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Shqip (Albanian)English (United Kingdom)

The services in this port are:

    1. Discharge of Oil its products Capacity of discharge from the tanker ship is 800 tonnes/hour per Oil and 200 tonnes/hour per LPG
    2. Security services are under the level security number 1 
    3. Automated Service 
    4. Automated and Physical Monitoring System 
    5. Automated safety against fire 
    6. Automated control of system commanded by distance


  • Ship with DWT 1.000 ton diving 3.5m
  • Ship with DWT 2.000 ton diving 4.5m
  • Ship with DWT 3.000 ton diving 11.5m
  • Ship with DWT 5.000 ton diving 6.0m
  • Ship wth DWT 8.000 ton diving 7,0m
  • Ship with DWT 10.000 ton diving 7.2m
  • Ship with DWT 12.000 ton diving 8.7m
  • Ship with DWT 15.000 ton diving 9,2m
  • Ship with DWT 20.000 ton diving 9.5m